We handle procedures before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly those related to obtaining permits for the establishment of trusts in RESTRICTED ZONES.


In accordance with Article 27, Section I of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, foreign individuals are prohibited from acquiring direct ownership of land and water within a strip of one hundred kilometers along the borders and fifty kilometers along the beaches. They are only allowed to use and exploit real estate located within this restricted zone by establishing a trust, in accordance with the Second Title of the Foreign Investment Law.

The permits granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the establishment of trusts aim to allow the use and exploitation of real estate located in the restricted zone for the benefit of foreign individuals (natural or legal persons), provided that the property is used for residential purposes, for a maximum period of 50 years. The trust agreement must be executed in a public deed.

The trust is registered in the Public Property Registry and the National Registry of Foreign Investment.


The beneficiary acquires the rights to use and enjoy the properties that make up the subject matter of the trust, including the ability to rent them out.

The beneficiary has possession of the property with full authority to inhabit it.

The beneficiaries have the power to assign their rights derived from the trust and freely negotiate the value of the consideration.

Sale of properties

Authority of the beneficiary to instruct the trustee to transfer the assets to individuals or legal entities with the legal capacity to acquire them.

Possibility to "sell" the property to other foreigners without the need to establish a new trust.

It is possible to designate substitute trusts in the event of death, who may enjoy the benefits simultaneously or successively.