About Antonio Sosa & Associates

A Little History
Behind Our

José Antonio Sosa
Founder & CEO
He has been a member of the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mexico, Rosarito headquarters, he has been a Real Estate agent for important agents such as URREA Y ASOCIADOS, JORGE CUADROS Y ASOCIADOS.


We offer advice for the proper hiring of TRUSTS for: investment, administration, guarantee of real and/or personal rights, alternative payment source, future property planning, share control, domain transfers (real estate development A+B), domain transfer in RESTRICTED AREA, pension funds, retirement and savings, deposits, conditioned deposits and/or civil mandates.

Financial and
Credit Matters

Advice and execution for obtaining financial resources, corporate and individual financing, industrial, commercial, tourism, agricultural, mortgage financing (bridal financing and individualization).

Advice and execution in credit matters, obtaining documentation from different governmental agencies, state and municipal in any state of the country, state document registration, public property registration, operating licenses, and construction licenses.

AS & ASSOCIATES has the support of several law firms, which allows us to offer a comprehensive service in support of our clients, including immediate attention to notifications from civil authorities, such as concessions in the Federal Zone, etc.

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