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1. Procedures before the Secretary of Foreign Relations,

We handle procedures before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly those related to obtaining permits for the establishment of trusts in RESTRICTED ZONES.

2. Consultancy on the National Registry of Foreign Investment

Consultancy on the National Registry of Foreign Investment (RNIE) for Foreign Investment registration, support for fines and procedures before the authority.

3. Financial Services and Credit Obtantions

We have synergies with companies specialized in the study, analysis and obtaining of all types of credits, so we can search for a credit suitable for your needs with any credit institution.

4. Intermediaries with Authorities

We are managers for the processing of documents before Municipal, State and Federal authorities, we provide support to credit institutions and non-bank financial intermediaries in procedures in public registries and cadastres at the National level.

5. Real Estate Legal Team

We have a great legal team that can immediately advise on everything related to Real Estate matters.

6.Inmigration and S.R.E./

We are auxiliary preparers in Immigration Matters both in the USA and Mexico.

Closing Coordinator

We coordinate the closing process of trusts, especially those in restricted areas.

We coordinate the purchase and sale of properties with real estate brokers, sellers, buyers, bank financing, and liaise with the trustee, notary public, government offices, and all parties involved in the closing process.

We provide a detailed explanation of the contract, closing, expenses, and costs from the first interview and throughout the process. We respond to all your questions thoroughly, send continuous reports, protect your interests, and ensure that the legal documentation and closing procedures are correct.

We review and, if necessary, correct your trust, providing you with a comprehensive explanation in your language regarding the contract.

We complete all pre-closing tasks on your behalf with the trustee, and we are by your side or represent you in the final closing before the notary.

If the transaction involves financing, whether granted by a credit institution, the seller, or a third-party lender, we implement the necessary guarantees and instruments to ensure the buyer's payment obligations.

Calculation of Trust in Restricted Area

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can acquire a property through a restricted zone trust?

    Only foreign natural persons.
  • What type of real estate can be contributed to the trust?

    Residential properties for residential use located on the borders and on the beaches.
  • How is the sale of a property contributed to a restricted area trust made?

    If the buyer is a foreigner, it is done through a transfer of rights, with the new beneficiary acquiring the right to use and enjoy the property. If the buyer is Mexican, the ownership of the property is transferred at the instructions of the foreigner, and the trust is extinguished.